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Team Group publishes sustainability report following GRI standard for the first time

As a part of the concatenated activities towards sustainability, Team Group has published a sustainability report for the first time following the GRI standard.

The unveiling of the sustainability report occasion was held at Six Seasons Hotel on Friday (15 December) evening. 

“This unveiling occasion marked the unveiling of a significant step, symbolising the envisagement of Team Group’s continuous effort towards sustainability in a comprehensive manner,” said Deputy Managing Director of Team Group Abdullah Hil Nakib. 

He expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the participation of the stakeholders and for making the event a successful one. 

The motivation and the integration of sustainability within Team Group, along with the salient features, were presented by Mohammad Monower Hossain, the head of sustainability of Team Group. 

The group managing director, Abdullah Hil Rakib, mentioned that the group aims to be better equipped to measure, understand, and assess their operational footprint with insightful narrative of a company’s impact across economic, environmental, and social realms. 

The milestone also underscores a commitment to implementing impactful Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, aligning with

sustainable and responsible business practices and Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs). 

The group MD said, “Our sustainability initiatives exemplify our unwavering commitment to creating a greener, more inclusive, and socially responsible world. I hope this sustainability report will inspire many, knowing that each step counts in preserving our planet for future generations.”

Addressing as the chief guest of the event, BGMEA president Faruque Hassan said it’s the remarkable strides of Bangladesh in sustainable fashion. 

BGMEA president congratulated the Team Group on integrating this milestone within their journey towards sustainability. 

Along with the motivation behind sustainability reporting, he reflected on the collective responsibility we all bear towards our planet and future generations. 

G-Star Raw regional operations manager Shafiur Rahman said in the last 6-7 years, Bangladesh’s apparel factories developed products that are much ahead of the competitor countries. 

The Unveiling Event Celebration witnessed the presence of notable figures, including Edwin Koekkoek, first counsellor, Team Leader – Green Inclusive Development and Social Protection and the delegation of the European Union to Bangladesh, Mujibul Cezanne Hasan, country manager, Swisscontact, Selim Reza Hasan, country manager, Solidaridad Network Asia, along with top officials from buyers, financial institutions, development partners and Team Group.

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