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Tanzina Tarique On How Nestle Prioritizes Sustainability in CSR

Since every organization is prioritizing sustainability at present, one-off CSR projects
will no longer make sense.” – Tanzina Tarique, Manager, Corporate Communications and CSV, Corporate Affairs, Nestlé Bangladesh Ltd

What are the challenges you faced while working with CSR projects in the communities around Bangladesh?

The challenges of working in CSR are of the manifold. The first one is ensuring that the different projects I am working on are sustainable and that it reaches the communities that need the support the most. We all are good intentions, but sometimes it becomes challenging for us to choose the ideal target community. Decision-making is challenging without adequate information and a deep understanding of the issue. Visibility of the projects is another challenge. There are no separate forums where the projects are highlighted throughout the year. So, unless the organization wants to, the media does not actively pick up the news

Can other sectors help in creating more effective changes to our communities?

There are many non-profit organizations that are extensively working in these areas. They can contact the companies working with CSR about the different issues in the country and the probable solutions. Media can play an important role in communicating the news about the challenges that the communities are facing to the companies. These can help companies to extend their reach and work in areas that are facing crises.

What are your thoughts on the future of CSR in our country?
Since most organisations are prioritising sustainability at present, one-off CSR projects will no longer make sense.
Instead, long-term projects will be established which will benefit the communities in the long run. Companies will form partnerships with society through CSR. The brand equity of the company will ultimately benefit from being value and purpose-driven.

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