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Sonali Bank Distributes 2,000 Umbrellas to Day Laborers as CSR Activity

Sonali Bank PLC has launched a commendable initiative to support day laborers, especially rickshaw pullers, during the intense heat wave this summer. As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, the bank is distributing 2,000 umbrellas to help these workers cope with the extreme temperatures and reduce their risk of heat-related illnesses.

The initiative was formally inaugurated by the bank’s Managing Director and CEO, Md Afzal Karim, in a ceremony held in front of the bank’s head office in the city. This event marked the beginning of the distribution process, which aims to provide immediate relief to those who work outdoors and are most vulnerable to the harsh weather conditions.

Md Afzal Karim emphasized the bank’s commitment to community welfare and the well-being of the country’s labor force. He highlighted that the CSR program is designed not only to offer financial services but also to contribute positively to society by addressing urgent needs and improving the quality of life for marginalized groups.

This thoughtful gesture by Sonali Bank PLC underscores the importance of corporate entities taking active roles in social welfare, demonstrating how businesses can make a meaningful impact beyond their economic activities. The distribution of umbrellas is expected to make a significant difference, offering shade and comfort to thousands of workers who toil under the sun, thereby mitigating the adverse effects of the heat wave on their health and productivity.

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