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Nagad to donate its campaign earnings to Bangabazar fire victims

Nagad, a leading mobile financial service provider in Bangladesh, has decided to stand by Bangabazar traders who lost their livelihoods to a massive fire incident.

Tanvir A Mishuk, managing director of Nagad Limited, has declared that Nagad will donate all earnings from the ongoing mega campaign to help the fire-hit businesses bounce back from the heavy losses that the recent fire inflicted on them by burning their shops to ashes. 

In the meantime, State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak has also declared Tk50 lakh for 100 traders – Tk50,000 for each. 

Tanvir A Mishuk said: “I am also saddened like all others by this devastating tragedy. I have many memories of school and college days with Bangabazar. I can feel the pain and suffering of the affected businesses.”

Sharing his own experience of a lean phase, he said: “The pandemic made inroads into our country just a year after I launched Nagad. The country went under a complete shutdown when I already invested everything in it. I recruited a massive workforce and set up state-of-the-art technologies.”  

“Every night, I used to think how I would pay salaries to so many people, how I would move ahead. Now, I have a family of 75 million people. It would not have been possible if I had not stayed firm, unyielding,” he recounted. 

Centring the next Eid, a mega campaign of Nagad is going on. Customers have great opportunities to win a BMW car, a sedan car and many other prizes by shopping with Nagad. 

“No words can pacify their trauma, heal their pain but if we from our respective positions extend our support to them, they will have the belief that they can turn around,” Tanvir A Mishuk said. 

“Keeping this in mind, we discussed with the board on Wednesday and decided that we will stand by the affected businesses, and we are getting some revenue from merchants even if there are no additional costs for customers in the ongoing campaign of Nagad. We have decided that we will give all the money we earn from this campaign to these victims,” said Tanvir A Mishuk.

As of Wednesday night, Nagad’s earnings from this campaign amounted to Tk19,65,750.

Meanwhile, in a conversation with the managing director of Nagad, State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak said: “Inspired by your words, we have also planned to stand by the Bangabazar fire victims. Besides, another reason for this initiative is to encourage well-off people in society to step up and assist the victims. I will personally try to encourage the capable people I know to extend their support.”

Talking to the state minister, Tanvir A Mishuk said: “Some 5,000 businessmen have suffered a loss of BDT 1000 crore. The money that we will give them may not have that effect. But it proves that if the government and the private sector join hands, they can stand by the people during any crisis.”

He has also requested all those who are in the industry to support the affected people either with money from their own pockets or from CSR funds or by cutting the costs of advertising. 

“We may meet with such a tragedy tomorrow that Bangabazar traders have faced today. I urge my Nagad family of 75 million people to stand by the affected businesses in any possible way,” he noted.

Tanvir A Mishuk also requests all to support the victims by giving donations to Bidyanondo Foundation, Mastul Foundation and other humanitarian agencies through the Nagad app.

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