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Mohammed Tariqul Islam on How Confidence Group Extending Reach across the Nation

“If a common platform is created where companies, individuals who have notable
contributions to CSR, will gather and share their expertise, planning, management
process, then CSR of Bangladesh will be benefitted immensely.” –
Mohammed Tariqul Islam, Chief HR and Corporate Communications Officer,
Confidence Group

What is Confidence Group’s strategy for CSR?

Our CSR programmes are concentrated into two categories. One is based on emergency responses in the case of national and global catastrophes. The other focuses on sustainable development. Before engaging with any CSR project, we always check for authenticity. The company that undertakes CSR should not only do so with the intention of adding brand value, rather they should work for the betterment of society.

We collaborated with the Ministry of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources in importing 25,000 RT-PCR test kits, which were handed over to IEDCR. Also, through the mask distribution programme, 25,000 reusable and 70,000 surgical masks were distributed. Confidence Group partnered with the Shakib Al Hasan Foundation, matching funds totalling BDT 20 lakh to purchase authentic Covid-19 testing kits that were supplied to hospitals and medical institutions. On top of this, we have donated five HFNC and five oxygen concentrators to Khulna Medical College Hospital and one 100-bed Upazilla Hospital in Gopalganj.

Our emergency food relief programme provided 23,000 food packages to marginalised communities around our factories. We also donated four automatic disinfectant chambers, developed by Mechanical Department of BUET, to four major government hospitals. While working on all these projects we noticed that the women, especially pregnant mothers, lactating mothers, and children, were the most vulnerable. We wanted to do something for this group. Under Spreeha’s volunteer participation, we planned a programme and implemented it effectively which resulted in 30,000 people receiving food and hygiene materials; 10,215 people receiving regular malnutrition check-ups, consultation, and supplements.

How can other sectors help extend your support?

Both the public and private sectors should play an active role in supporting each other to implement the various CSR initiatives in the country. Both sectors should take steps to encourage companies to take active part in CSR. Companies perform CSR keeping the concept of SDGs in mind. The SDGs cannot be achieved by the singular effort of the private or public sector alone. Both sectors must work together and support each other to achieve these goals. One thing we noticed while conducting our CSR activities is that people don’t know whom to approach or where to look for support from CSR activities. That is why a common platform should be created, where companies and individuals, who are working with CSR, will gather and share their expertise, planning, and management process, thus benefitting CSR in Bangladesh.

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