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Kazi Yaminur Rahman Turjo on Max Group’s Contribution Towards SDGs

In my opinion, the ray of hope is that businesses have started taking CSR activities seriously.” – Kazi Yaminur Rahman Turjo, Executive Director and CEO-Industries, Max Group

How does MAX Group view CSR?

MAX GROUP, being one of the largest and most reputable industrial and infrastructural conglomerates of the country, believes that it’ll be an utter misinterpretation if CSR is mixed up with compassion or charity. Rather, MAX feels that it is the country itself that has enabled businesses to their potential. Therefore, it is the duty of these businesses to support the country in the time of crisis.

Let’s talk about efforts in helping our communities bounce back from Covid-19?

During the second wave of Covid-19, hospitals and clinics across the country were overwhelmed with patients. Oxygen cylinders were one of the crucial items that were necessary to save the lives of thousands. After observing the situation surrounding a dearth of oxygen cylinders in India, experts predicted a similar situation occurring in Bangladesh. With this thought in mind, MAX Group, particularly its Chairman, Ghulam Mohammed Alomgir, from a humanitarian point of view, acted immediately and decided to finance and operate the oxygen cylinder support services programme to support the government to combat Covid-19. The initial budget for the Oxygen Support Service Programme was BDT three crore. However, due to the increasing demand for oxygen cylinders, the budget was increased to BDT four crore. A total of 42 districts were provided support through this programme, with the support of The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB). Oyxgen cylinders were provided to the masses, particularly those in marginalised communities, free of cost through different medical colleges, public and private hospitals, district and Sadar hospitals, Upazila health complexes/clinics, IEB centres and sub-centres.

What are the challenges of practising CSR in Bangladesh?

In my opinion, the light of hope is that businesses, along with the government, have started taking CSR activities seriously. However, CSR practice in Bangladesh is still in its infancy. Even now, most organisations are practicing CSR from a philanthropic point of view. The inner philosophy of CSR is still in its infant phase, and companies have no particular CSR policy or guidelines to make their efforts sustainable. Besides, most of these CSR activities are often uncoordinated and focused on the company’s advertisement. Moreover, having no specific legislation or guideline to assist the regulation of CSR is another key challenge in working with CSR in Bangladesh. Some other challenges are but are not limited to, a lack of public awareness, lack of involvement, the challenge of building local capacity, lack of faith in CSR, lack of clarity, etc.

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