Research: Demand for CSR among Millennials

CSR Window Impact Lab is a resource hub and data incubator that brings insights, data, research, inspiration and resources to help companies maximize their social impact and live their purpose.


Making Sense of Social Impact

As the world moves towards integrating purpose with business, the biggest challenges Corporates still face is moving from commitment to social action. CSR Window Impact Lab helps companies measure their impact through research, studies and in-depth analysis.

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How we Help

Get support in understanding the root cause of the social issue you are trying to solve in the community you work in.

Curated Solutions

Get curated solutions that meet your company's CSR and Sustainability Goals, from designing, methodology, data collection and publication.

Qualitative & Quantitative

We specialize in using modern research methodologies on a wide array of stakeholders, be it your employees, local government, media or non-profits, to get the best picture of your Impact.

Online & Printed Reports

Thinking of going digital? Transform your Report into an interactive website with the latest sustainability report design trends. Or get a publication tailored to your own Brand Image for your stakeholders.

Storytelling with Data

Visualize your CSR impact with real stories we collect from beneficiaries you are supporting, along with the numbers and data.

Reports by CSR Window Impact Lab

How your future employees view your CSR

With data from 10.8k individuals studying in 28 universities and employed at 53 companies in Bangladesh, we showcase how Millenials and Gen-Z view CSR as a factor when considering employers.

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