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IDLC Finance Ltd

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IDLC Finance Ltd

IDLC is the largest Non-Banking Financial Institute (NBFI) in Bangladesh with headquarters in Dhaka. The company’s CSR initiatives are spread among education, healthcare and disaster response, with a focus on marginalized communities and financial literacy.

Company Overview

Registered Name: IDLC Finance Ltd

Industry: Financial Services (NBFI)

Founded in: 1985

Headquarters: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Website: www.idlc.com

Revenue: BDT 1,054.2 Crores


IDLC is signatory to a few local and international initiatives promoting CSR activities, focusing on rural and remote areas. The company holds annual Financial Literacy programs focusing on engaging the youth in financial knowledge.

CSR & Sustainability Overview

CSR Focal Areas: Education, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, Disaster Response, Financial Literacy

Locations of CSR Initiatives: All over Bangladesh

Project Partners: 10 Minute School, Green Savers, Prothom Alo, Obhijatrik Foundation, Unicef

Sustainability Reporting Standards: Global Reporting Index (GRI)


IDLC Finance Limited works around the year with focus on solving community problems for the rural and remote areas of the country. This includes higher education to girls with Prothom Alo, boat ambulances in waterlocked Haor areas, building schools and healthcare centers in remote corners of Bangladesh. The company also hosts a nationwide online Financial Literacy competition for the youth with 10 Minute School, aimed at teaching personal finance and saving from an early age.

CSR Activities

CSR & Sustainability Reports

IDLC Annual Sustainability Report 2020
IDLC Annual Sustainability Report 2019
IDLC Annual Sustainability Report 2018
IDLC Annual Sustainability Report 2017
IDLC Annual Sustainability Report 2016

This company does not publish Annual Sustainability Reports in Bangladesh.


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