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How Olympic’s Green initiative reduces workplace Carbon Footprint

In a breakthrough project for a cleaner workspace, the Green Ambassador programme by Olympic Industries reduced their paper, water and electricity use, while also saving over 923 tonnes of CO2 emissions from the company

Saifullah Al Azad, Deputy Manager, Olympic Industries Ltd talks about the project at “Let’s Talk CSR”

Olympic Industries’ Green Ambassador program, initiated in 2018, a ground-breaking concept for a greener workplace, decreased the company’s paper, water, and power usage, saving about 923 tons of CO2 emissions to date.

Following the project’s introduction with an awareness training and office branding to encourage responsible usage, a group known as the “Green Ambassadors” was created, consisting of one member from each factory department and the head office. The ambassadors kept note of the amount of paper, water, and power they consumed. As previously a report suggested that around 1,174,000 pages and the matching amount of printing ink were consumed in the Olympic offices and factories. The CO2 emission to production ratio was 1.14:1, and water and power usage were also high.

Various initiatives were taken by all departments, such as reducing the printed papers and relocating printers to reduce unnecessary printing. Then, motion sensors were installed with water tapes. Peons were educated on the usage of ACs, lights and fans. 30 kWh on greed solar energy systems were installed to reduce electricity use. Since the initiative began, Olympic has cut its paper use by 30%, water consumption by 24%, and power by 21%.

In an interview with CSR Window Saifullah Al Azad, Deputy Manager, Olympic Industries Ltd says, “We successfully reduced carbon footprint through limited resource, electricity and paper use and now save use of 1.2 million paper sheets annually.”

Through the Green Ambassador project, The Olympic Industries Ltd. has reduced its carbon footprint and contributed to the environmental development of the country. For more inspiring CSR stories shared by corporates, check out our Youtube Channel.

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