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How HSBC is providing clean drinking water for communities

Through the HSBC Water Programme, the bank partnered with WaterAid Bangladesh to work with affected
communities, local government and local entrepreneurs in climate-vulnerable districts.

The approach is to provide as many community options as possible, such as a piped water network and community rainwater harvesting, then combine these with small-scale technologies for individual or small clusters of households in very remote locations.

It ensured that the design and construction of new toilets and water systems were adapted to environmental challenges. After this, we worked with communities to build local knowledge to manage these facilities sustainably through committees and caretakers.

Syeda Afzalun Nessa, Head of Corporate Sustainability, HSBC Bangladesh, talks about the project at “Let’s Talk CSR”

To date, the programme has provided safe water to 26,000+ homes as well as provided toilet facilities to more than 70,500 people, 69 healthcare facilities and13,000+ students. Three local women-led enterprises have also been established to oversee the projects

In an interview with CSR Window Syeda Afzalun Nessa, Head of Corporate Sustainability, HSBC Bangladesh, says, “We emphasize sustainable, climate-smart and gender-inclusive initiatives, combined with strong policy advocacy for better services for vulnerable communities, which has laid the groundwork for successful replication within and beyond our projects.”

With the execution of the HSBC Water program, HSBC is providing clean drinking water to climate-vulnerable areas of the country for the last 10 years. For more inspiring CSR stories shared by corporates, check out our Youtube Channel.

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