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How bKash’s CSR Initiative is spreading books to millions

bKash Limited in collaboration with Bishwo Shahitto Kendro launched a programme in more than 2,900 schools, aiming to inspire reading and encourage students to become eager to acquire knowledge.

bKash Limited’s CSR initiative spread books and the love of reading among over 1.3 million students under the slogan “Alokito Manush Bikoshito Bangladesh”

Major General Sheikh Md. Monirul Islam (retd.), Chief External & Corporate Affairs Officer, bKash Limited talks about the project at “Let’s Talk CSR”

This programme encourages high-schoolers to read through events, quizzes and competitions, while also
updating the schools on the progress of the students. They also help schools by introducing new books and refurbishing or replacing old and worn-out books in school libraries.

With approximately 40,000 books distributed each year, bKash has distributed more than 253,600 books to over 2.6 million students in around 2900 Institutions over the last seven years, adding 100 new institutions to the list every year.

In an interview with CSR Window, Major General Sheikh Md. Monirul Islam (retd.), Chief External & Corporate Affairs Officer, bKash Limited says, “As companies operating in Bangladesh, we have to keep local needs, values and ethos in our mind and design our CSR activities.”

With the “Alokito Manush Bikoshito Bangladesh”, bKash Limited is not only providing the opportunity to children for reading but also empowering the communities through knowledge. For more inspiring CSR stories shared by corporates, check out our Youtube Channel.

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