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Hassan O Rashid on how Prime Bank is Leaving a great legacy

“I think we should be more proactive than being reactive and understand that prevention is better than cure.”Hassan O Rashid, MD & CEO, Prime Bank Ltd.

What is the motivation behind running Prime Bank Eye Hospital?

In short, a healthy society. My biggest motivation is to launch a sustainable and equitable eye care program through our specialised hospital. Naturally, our next step will be establishing a general hospital with international standards which will provide medicare to low-income people at an affordable cost.

What other milestone CSR activities are being taken by Prime Bank?

Our biggest CSR intervention is in the healthcare sector. We also want to contribute to the education sector. Initially, we would like to increase the capacity of our existing schools. We have a plan to establish an internationally accredited grammar school. It will have a dedicated campus with all modern educational facilities, and students will receive a quality education at an affordable cost. 

What challenges do you face while working in CSR and communities in Bangladesh?

Honestly speaking, I don’t see any challenge in providing essential services to communities across the country. Our healthcare project is quite successful. However, coordination with multiple stakeholders and a lack of professional CSR channels often hinder the timely implementation of CSR projects.  I think we should be more proactive than being reactive and understand that prevention is better than cure. 

How can other sectors help companies create more effective changes?

More companies should come forward with humanitarian and sustainable CSR projects. They can support the sector they are passionate about. If a fintech, for example, is passionate about healthcare it should try to connect with healthcare providers for collaboration. 

What are your thoughts about the future of CSR in the country?

All of our efforts should be aligned with the SDG goals. Bangladesh is making a relentless effort to achieve these goals. There should be coordination in our CSR approach which will foster a sense of unity among the business community. Such collaborations with the government and citizens would help build a sustainable economic system in Bangladesh. 

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