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Edotco launches the solar street lamp initiative for the underserved community

Edotco Bangladesh launched its first solar lamp CSR project at Ramu and Kutubdia, Cox's Bazar, to enhance the rural communities' livelihoods by providing free electricity.

The CSR initiative reinforces Edotco’s commitment to delivering sustainable solutions to impact underserved communities positively, read a press release.

The solar street lamps will assist around 2800 people living in the neighbourhood and will be put near the two Edotco towers to light up the streets, which are mostly frequented by the local community at night.

The initiative will allow residents in the area to continue their day-to-day work and business even after sunset, resulting in overall economic progress for the community.

It will also ensure a better sense of safety, particularly for children and women, as the project now allows them to use the streets at night with ease and comfort. 

Ricky Steyn, country managing director of Edotco Bangladesh, said: “Edotco has always emphasized improving the lives of the underprivileged community living near our towers. We are delighted to launch effective and sustainable solutions like the Solar Lamp Project to provide free electricity in remote areas by harnessing solar energy. We are committed to expanding this CSR initiative in the future to bring meaningful and sustainable changes to the communities where we are present.”

Within its larger sustainability agenda, Edotco focuses on three community pillars: Tower2Community provides aid and disaster relief efforts, Tower2Power provides electricity to homes and schools, and Tower2Water provides clean water, sanitation, and hygiene awareness.

These initiatives aim to serve the underserved and marginalized communities surrounding our towers in all of our home markets. 

At the inauguration ceremony, along with Ricky Steyn, Ishrat Jerin, director of Corporate Affairs and Planning, other officials from Edotco Bangladesh, and representatives of the local community and law enforcement agencies were present. 

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