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CSR Reporting Solutions

Get expert support in managing and executing your CSR projects anywhere in Bangladesh


Create Impactful Publications you can be Proud of

Get support in designing, publishing and distributing Annual Sustainability Reports that reflect your unique CSR Impact and Brand perspective for your local and international Stakeholders, following globally accepted Reporting Formats and Indices.

Our Approach

Engaging who it Matters Most

We believe in the power of people coming together to do good, and we prioritize bringing together your company stakeholders, employees, government and NGO bodies for causes you believe in.

Addressing the Roots of Social Issues

We focus on designing sustainable solutions for companies to work on, ensuring that the CSR funds go into solving the root cause of the social problem you are trying to solve, and do not go to waste.

Transparency and Accountability

We believe in establishing trust between your company and the community when taking an initiative. This includes promoting your impact and reporting measurable outcomes for every initiative we do.


How we Help

Get support in preparing and creating your next Sustainability Report, CSR Project report or CSR Initiatives Booklet, from designing, impact mapping, publishing and communication.

Designs curated for You

Get Annual Sustainability Reports, CSR Project Reports and Booklets designed specifically with your unique brand image in mind.

Global Report Standards

Own Sustainability Reports that are made using approved global reporting standards for your local and international Stakeholders.

Paper & Digital Reports

Thinking of going digital? Transform your Report into an interactive website with the latest sustainability report design trends.

Communication Design

Bring your numbers and reports through corporate announcements to life with beautifully designed emailers and press releases.

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CSR Project Implementation

Get support in executing your next CSR initiative, from planning to relevant NGO partnerships, promotion and execution.

CSR Impact Assessment

Get expert support in researching and preparing impact reports to highlight the social impact of your CSR or Sustainability project.

Employee Volunteer Programs

Engage your employees in your CSR programs through tried and tested Employee Volunteer methods and tools.

CSR Research & Baseline Studies

Test our the potential need or impact for your intervention with a thorough Baseline Survey of the Problem you are trying to solve, ensuring that your CSR Funds are properly channeled.

CSR Report Design & Publishing

Get help designing your Annual CSR or Sustainability Report in globally accepted formats and designs, ready for publishing on your website or print.

CSR Project Monitoring & Evaluation

Get access to expert support in periodic monitoring and reporting of your ongoing CSR Reports, to ensure that your funds are doing what they should do.

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