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Crony Group gets sanitary napkin vending machines

Sanitary napkins are available in smart vending machines for women garment workers in the factory premises of Crony Group.

Workers can purchase with an 80% discount which has been subsidized by the factory management, reads a press release. 

Vertical Innovation has recently installed an automatic Jyoti vending machine to ensure easy access to sanitary napkins for around 3,000 women garment workers working at the Abanti Color Tex factory Crony Group located in Narayanganj.

The initiative, taken by BGMEA Director and Chairperson of Crony Group Neela Hosna Ara, is to ensure the easy availability of sanitary pads through smart vending machines for Crony Group employees.  

Apart from Jyoti sanitary pad vending machines, other recent initiatives of the Group Chairperson include Mitro, an advance wage distribution platform and The Fair Price Shop of Apon Wellbeing for daily necessities.

The Jyoti smart vending program was inaugurated in the presence of Group Chairperson and BGMEA Director Neela Ara, AH Aslam Sunny, Managing Director, Crony Group and CEO of Vertical Innovations Rezwan Ahmed Noor at Crony Group’s factory in Narayanganj.

“This initiative is part of our efforts to protect the physical and mental health of women garment workers, so that they can work easily and comfortably during periods”, said Neela Hosna Ara.

AH Aslam Sunny added: “We have invested billions of dollars in retrofitting and compliance. Now, I urge all buyers and suppliers to work together and better the lives of factory workers.” 

Chief Executive Officer of Vertical Innovation Rezwan Ahmed Noor said that the number of women garment workers in the country is over 32 lakhs.  

An average of 72 days a year is absent from work due to menstruation, which acts as a hindrance to the development of the garment industry in the country.  

This problem can be solved by installing vending machines and making it easy for women garment workers to buy napkins at low cost.

Vertical Innovation has so far installed 148 vending machines in various garment factories, schools, colleges and universities across the country, through which more than 60,000 women garment workers and students of different ages can get essential sanitary napkins at low cost from the campuses of workplaces and educational institutions during periods.

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