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Call for entries for the third edition of the A Better Tomorrow™ CSR Awards

Call for entries are open for Bangladesh's most prestigious Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards: A Better Tomorrow™ CSR Awards organised by The Daily Star and CSR Window

This first-of-its-kind annual nationwide initiative aims to create dialogues for future development and sustainability solutions and recognize corporates for their innovative and world-class CSR initiatives.

The gala event will be held in November this year. The event will recognise the most impactful CSR programmes in support of Bangladesh’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The gala event will be broadcast LIVE on The Daily Star’s and CSR Window’s social media platforms to enhance reach and enable local community representatives to voice their concerns to the panels.

All corporates operating in Bangladesh- public and private – are welcome to submit their CSR projects as nominations for the CSR Awards. There is no entry fee, and each company may enter as many submissions under multiple categories as per their desire. The deadline for the submission of the entries is 10th October 2023. Entry details and submission forms are available at csrawardsbd.com

The Jury board will feature locally distinguished judges from a variety of disciplines who will determine the finalists and the CSR Award winners for all 7 categories. Winners will be announced and honoured through a gala event, conditions permitting.

The CSR Awards will recognise achievements in seven categories:

  • Best CSR in Education Program: This award will be given to the corporations that have implemented a project designed specifically towards large-scale literacy and education for children and/or adults with sustainable and long-term prospects.
  • Best CSR in Healthcare: This will be awarded to the corporation that has designed, innovated, and successfully implemented initiatives in improving the infrastructure or existing mechanisms of healthcare solutions in Bangladesh.
  • Best CSR in Environmental Impact: This will be awarded to the corporation that has integrated environmental projects and initiatives into its sustainable development strategy and has delivered outcomes to fight climate change.
  • Best CSR in Community Engagement: This will be awarded to a corporation that has positively improved the living standard of communities under distress, struggle, or other forms of socio-economic crisis.
  • Best CSR in Disaster Response: This category will recognize localized strategies and efforts intended to tackle natural disasters all over the country, that have resulted in a commendable effect on public health and safety during or after the situation.
  • Best CSR in Financial Inclusion: This award will be given to a corporation that has created initiatives or education programs that enabled communities to start growing out of poverty through personal finance, entrepreneurship, or financial literacy.
  • Young Humanitarian of the Year: This award will be given to a young changemaker below 40 years of age who has delivered inspiring and meaningful transformations in improving lives or has displayed exceptional leadership skills in influencing communities positively towards achieving the SDGs.

The award aims to inspire corporations and individuals to focus on CSR and other development activities that support the government in achieving the SDGs for A Better Tomorrow™.

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