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Brac Bank introduces yoga for employees

Brac Bank has introduced yoga classes for its employees as part of its wellness drive across the company.

The bank has welcomed Yogi Shameem Mahbub, an 89-year-old experienced yoga practitioner, to teach the classes, reads a press release.

“We believe that the well-being of our coworkers is crucial for their personal and professional growth. Introducing yoga classes is a step towards creating a healthy and balanced work environment for our colleagues. We are delighted to have Shameem Mahbub as our yoga instructor, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact this initiative will have on our coworkers,” said Selim RF Hussain, managing director and CEO of Brac Bank.

Yogi Shameem Mahbub stated, “Yoga is an essential practice for human life. It helps to keep the mind and body healthy and balanced. I am honoured to have been welcomed by Brac Bank to teach yoga to its coworkers. I believe that this initiative will improve the bank’s coworkers’ physical and mental well-being and enhance their productivity and creativity.”

Shameem Mahbub has been practising yoga for 46 years, bringing knowledge and experience to the bank’s yoga programme. He will conduct three classes weekly, which are open to all BRAC Bank employees.

The introduction of yoga classes is a part of Brac Bank’s ongoing commitment to creating a positive work environment for its employees. The bank recognises that a healthy and happy workforce is vital for the growth and success of the organisation.

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