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BRAC and BRAC Bank Commit Taka 10 Crore for Cyclone Remal Relief and Rehabilitation

BRAC has pledged Taka 7 crore to the 'Dakche Amar Desh' (Bangladesh is Calling) relief fund, while BRAC Bank PLC has committed Taka 3 crore to support families affected by Cyclone Remal. The combined Taka 10 crore fund will be utilized for emergency cash support, allowing vulnerable families to secure essential food packages, rebuild homes, restore water sources, and reconstruct latrines, as stated in a BRAC press release.

“Cyclone Remal has caused extensive damage,” the release reported. “Approximately 35,000 houses along the coastal belt have been completely destroyed, and another 115,000 houses have been partially damaged. Fisheries, livestock, and croplands have been devastated, impacting both immediate and long-term livelihoods. Preliminary estimates by BRAC suggest a long-term economic loss of BDT 1,500 crore.”

Asif Saleh, Executive Director of BRAC, emphasized, “Cyclone Remal has left millions of families in severe distress, damaging their homes, land, and sources of livelihood. Our frontline colleagues, community health workers, and volunteers are actively supporting families in vulnerable conditions. Immediate relief assistance and long-term rehabilitation and rebuilding support are critical. We are mobilizing our own funds to begin immediate work, but the need is much greater and requires collective, sustained efforts. We urge all sections of society, including generous individuals, private sector partners, and donor agencies, to join us in this endeavor.”

To contribute, please visit: Dakche Amar Desh. Donations can be made through bkash payment to 01730321765 (use ‘Make Payment’ option). For bank transfers, contributions can be sent to BRAC Bank account number 150120-2316474001, Gulshan 1, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka. Additional payment options are available on the website.

BRAC estimates that BDT 2,000 (USD 17) will help a family of four procure essential food items for two weeks. BDT 60,000 (USD 508) will help a family rebuild their house, BDT 60,000 (USD 508) will help repair a damaged tube well, and BDT 40,000 (USD 339) will aid in reconstructing a latrine.

Selim R. F. Hussain, Managing Director and CEO of BRAC Bank PLC, stated, “We are dedicated to supporting our communities in times of need. BRAC Bank’s contribution to BRAC’s relief efforts in the cyclone Remal-affected areas highlights our commitment to social responsibility. We believe in the power of collaboration to bring about positive change, and together with BRAC, we aim to significantly impact the lives of those affected by this disaster.”

The press release also noted that BRAC has been closely monitoring Cyclone Remal’s impact and coordinating with relevant government agencies, humanitarian clusters, and partners at both national and local levels. The relief efforts prioritize women-led households, elderly people, pregnant women, and people with physical and mental disabilities, especially in hard-to-reach areas. A total of 23,000 BRAC staff, including community health workers and volunteers, are supporting affected communities with emergency food and shelter across the impacted regions. Additionally, 1,600 people in coastal areas have so far received emergency food support through local government institutions.

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