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BRAC Academy launched in Bogura

BRAC Academy, one of BRAC Education Programme's flagship models, proudly announces the establishment of its second branch in Bogura (the first branch was launched in Cumilla in 2019), marking a significant milestone in its journey towards providing quality education to children across the nation.

The Academy, is a child-centred affordable school chain offering primary education in district towns. It offers modern teaching-learning methods, enriched content, and skills to ensure students are nurtured towards successful adulthood by sparking their learning curiosity and instilling in them excellent values, behaviours, respect and responsibility.

The Academy opened its door on 10 January and was officially launched by the Executive Director of BRAC, Asif Saleh, today (7 February) in Bogura. 

The launching took place amidst great enthusiasm and anticipation from the local community. 102 students, ranging from Play Group to Grade 3, were warmly welcomed into the school, symbolising the beginning of a promising academic year filled with opportunities for growth and success. 

Safi Rahman Khan, Director of Education, Skills Development, and Migration at BRAC, opened the event with a welcoming message for all the parents and students.

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed guests, including Chief Guest, Additional District Commissioner (General), Mohammad-Al-Maruf; Special Guest Mayor, Md Rezaul Karim Badsha, and Special Guest Assistant District Primary Education Officer, Md Zaved Akhter.  

Mohammad Al-Maruf expressed amazement at the innovative approach of the model school, highlighting its focus on playful learning and modern pedagogical methods, something he never experienced during his childhood. He further emphasised the strong awareness among parents in Bogura for quality education, evident from the academy’s demand. Based on this, he urged BRAC to consider establishing a dedicated campus and expanding the school to cater to the growing needs.

Asif Saleh presided over the event, lauding the team’s relentless efforts in making the academy a reality. He expressed his deep appreciation for their work, encompassing not just the meticulous design of the school premise but also the crucial groundwork in the curriculum. This involved extensive research, collaboration with international consultants, and thoughtful adaptation of global trends to create a cutting-edge educational programme. 

BRAC Academy aims to empower young minds with the tools they need to become future leaders and changemakers. With its expansion to Bogura, BRAC is poised to make a lasting impact on the local community by providing quality education accessible to all.

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