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bKash Gives Away books to Disadvantaged children at book fair

bKash will deliver books to a variety of organizations this year, including schools for impoverished children, a number of elementary schools, libraries, and old age homes, as it did last year.

bKash will collect these books from Ekushey Book Fair guests, writers, and readers, as well as books contributed by customers at bKash customer service centres and superstores around the nation, and books from its own fund. Obhizatrik Foundation, a non-profit organization, will distribute all of the books.

According to a press statement, books were distributed to disadvantaged school children who attended the fair on Saturday.

At today’s fair, Bkash also gave five storybooks to 40 students from the Obhizatrik School’s Mirpur branch.

Mir Nawbut Ali, chief marketing officer of bKash, and Saad Bin Sattar, head of child sponsorship of Obhizatrik Foundation were present at the event.

In the last two years, bKash has distributed 22,650 books on the occasion of the book fair. 

To make this year’s book distribution successful again, bKash has set up five special booths at the fair premises. 

In addition, booths have been set up at bKash’s customer care centres and superstores like Agora and Meena Bazar. Interested ones can come to the booth and donate all kinds of new and old books.

“Book Fair is for all ages,” said Mir Nawbut Ali, bKash’s chief marketing officer, “and we can see that it is not only a fair, but a celebration full of life.” A large number of individuals attend the book fair to purchase books for their children. bKash has taken the initiative to give books so that poor children, like your own kid, may access a wide range of books and broaden their world of imagination.

“In addition, to increase the joy of buying books for all readers, there is a cashback offer of maximum 150 Taka up to 10% through bKash payment.”

Saad Bin Sattar of Obhizatrik Foundation said, “Over the last two years, we have been observing how the opportunity to read a variety of books in a library can change and broaden the minds of children. Underprivileged children could regularly read books from the library, especially when they were at home during pandemic. Through bKash’s initiative, we hope that we will be able to take this collaboration further by donating books to people from all walks of life.”

This year also, bKash is the sponsor of Amar Ekushey Book Fair. 

Customers will also receive a maximum rebate of Tk150 up to 10% when purchasing books via bKash payment, as in previous years.

Every day, ten clients who make the most bKash payments receive incentives ranging from Tk200 to Tk1,000.

bKash has organized a puppet performance to entertain the children inside the fair grounds, in addition to providing clean drinking water and wheel chair access for guests. bKash has also prepared seating arrangements for readers, authors, and guests so that they may relax if required.

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