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Banglalink now offers Miscarriage leave

Telecom provider and digital communications company Banglalink has recently introduced miscarriage leave for employees, who experience a miscarriage.

According to the company, the new leave policy has been implemented to support the healing process of employees from such unfortunate and traumatic life events, by allowing them to take some time off and recover.

“Fostering a culture that prioritizes mental health over business objectives should be ingrained in every company’s DNA,” Monzula Morshed, chief human resource and administration officer at Banglalink, told the press

The company has already updated its leave policy with immediate effect, giving employees the opportunity to avail a maximum of 4 weeks (28 calendar days) of paid leave in case of a miscarriage.

“We strongly believe that in order to be effective, people must feel appreciated. Creating a positively enabled workforce requires ensuring that people do not experience burnout, mental exhaustion, and depression,” she further said.

The policy has been introduced in accordance with the Ministry of Labour and Employment that has introduced some important amendments to the Labour Rules 2015, effective from September 1, 2022. 

There are as many as 101 amendments, however, there are three amendments that are related to maternity benefits. 

First, a new provision has been added at the end of rule 38 that clarifies that if a woman gives birth after the scheduled time of eight weeks preceding the expected day of her delivery, the days that pass after the scheduled time of eight weeks will be adjusted under the rules. 

Second, a new rule 38A (Leave for Miscarriage) entitles a woman to leave in case of a miscarriage. 

According to the amended law, if a woman suffers a miscarriage before the scheduled date of going on maternity leave, she will be entitled to four weeks leave due to her health reasons; and no deductions from wages will be made for such leave. 

At the same time, such leave cannot be adjusted with any leave which is due to her, the law dictates. 

To survive in the competitive era of globalization as an organization, Banglalink has been focusing on creating innovative ways to ensure the effective use of leave policy, whereas many organizations are still failing to incorporate even parental leave. 

According to the company, it has been maintaining a sound leave policy ensuring employee satisfaction which includes flexibility in applying for casual leave, flexibility in probationary leave days as well as bridge holiday policy, apart from the newly introduced leave policy. 

With the organization seeing people as more than “talent and resources,” and instead treating them as empowered individuals, they have managed to become one of the top choices as a workplace in the country.

It became one of the top five employers of choice in the country this year, as per the most recent Nielsen B-School Campus Track Survey conducted among the youth of Bangladesh.

From gyms to yoga classes, to break rooms and healthy catering, and daycare centers, Banglalink’s corporate office has got it all, with the organization paying more and more attention to the physical and mental well-being of their employees.

Banglalink believes when people are engaged and are at their mental peak, bring their best selves to work, which calls for a fundamental shift in the mindset of organizations.

“At the end of the day, the strength of a progressive firm lies in empowering individuals and behind most market disruptions seen today, are organizations that are intrinsically agile, that’s what I believe.  Only companies that incorporate cultural norms and capabilities can hope to be successful in the workplace of the future,” the Banglalink-top-brass added. 

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