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Anti-drug inter-hall debate competition held at Rajshahi University

Under the slogan "Let awareness break the chains of darkness," the final round of the Rajshahi University Debating Forum's (RUDF) anti-ug inter-hall debate competition took place on 6 February at Shaheed Minar open stage, marking the 16th anniversary of the forum.

The event was organised with the support of the Department of Narcotics Control, Rajshahi District Office, reads a press release.

Sixteen halls from Rajshahi University participated in the competition, with Shaheed Habibur Rahman Hall emerging as the champion and Hosen Shahid Suhrawardy Hall securing the runner-up position in the finals. 

The final debate motion supported viewing ug-related activities not as organized crimes but as socio-economic and cultural degradation to combat ug proliferation.

The event commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran, Gita Path, and the national anthem.

Distinguished guests included Professor Sultan Ul Islam, the vice-chancellor of Rajshahi University; Professor Ruksana Begum, department of accounting & information Systems; Professor Arif Haider, director of TSCC, RUDF; Alomgir Hossain, deputy director, department of narcotics control; and Gautam Dutta, associate professor at RUDF. 

The keynote speaker was Fazlur Rahman, additional Director, department of narcotics control, Rajshahi Division.

Mahadi Hasan Mahin, the chief executive member of Rajshahi University Debating Forum, chaired the event. 

Following the discussions, commemorative tokens were presented to the guests.

The conclusion of the Anti-drug Inter-Hall Debate Competition, discussion session, and award distribution was followed by the anniversary cake cutting of the Rajshahi University Debating Forum’s 16th year. 

The event concluded with a cultural evening featuring performances by popular music bands Anuswar, Invemon, artist Rafi Talukdar, and the crowd-pleasing singer Rayhan Islam Shubhro, among others.

On this day in 2008, the Rajshahi University Debating Forum was established to promote free thought, create enlightened individuals, practice reasoning, and build a progressive generation.

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