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Ankit Sureka on How Banglalink is Empowering Youth with Employment

In the Corporate Sector, CSR is becoming a core objective with more companies addressing different socio-economic issues.

ANKIT SUREKA, Head of Corporate Communications and
Sustainability, Banglalink

The concept of CSR has gradually evolved over the years. In the corporate sector, CSR is becoming a core objective with more companies addressing different socio-economic issues through CSR. An integrated CSR action by the top corporations can immensely help create a better society and positively affect their brand image. Banglalink is a firm believer in innovative CSR programs offering long-term societal benefits and has remained focused on building Banglalink as a socially responsible organisation. Our venture ‘Empowering through Employment’ with Kormo Jobs by Google won Banglalink the Best CSR in the Financial Inclusion category at the ‘A Better Tomorrow CSR Awards’ programme. 

Among other objectives, Banglalink with its technological expertise aims to digitally empower talented young people by providing necessary opportunities and boosting youth employment. We believe a collective effort utilising individual strength and capabilities is necessary for the success of CSR projects. However, it is not always easy to implement big ideas. Strong leadership and a partner with an aligned set of goals are crucial for CSR. Lack of information, training and awareness can hinder the process. With the right strategy, awareness, knowledge

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