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Akij Ceramics installs braille tiles to aide the disabled

Akij Ceramics, in collaboration with CarrotComm Ltd, designed and produced braille wall tiles and launched it on International Mother Language Day 2022.

This day was chosen because language should not be a luxury but a fundamental right for everyone, said a press release.

Through a campaign titled ‘Let the Walls Be Language Friendly’, Akij Ceramics and CarrotComm Ltd worked to create tiles that would have braille messages imprinted on them. These tiles would be installed on the walls of institutions all over Bangladesh to speak the language of the blind people and help them navigate through their everyday activities with ease.

“I believe that this day was perfect for installing the braille tiles as we wanted to create an atmosphere where visitors who are visually impaired would have an easier time navigating throughout our hospital,” said Riasat Zaman. “I thank Akij Ceramics and CarrotComm Ltd. for such a great initiative”.

Akij Building Materials Business Director Mohammod Khourshed Alam said, “Akij Ceramics wants to address and work towards removing all kinds of obstacles in society. When CarrotComm Ltd came up with this idea, we welcomed it, as we believed it had to potential to solve the problem of navigation in spaces for the blind. We hope to do more such work in the future. We are determined to stand with the visually impaired with Braille Tiles. If there is an opportunity in the future, we will try to provide free braille tiles to organizations as well.”

Additionally, Head of Brands of Akij Ceramics Shahjada Yeasir Arafat Shuvo said, “We can provide customized braille tiles of any type and sizes to anyone who reaches out to us. Our braille tiles are available at the exclusive showroom of Akij Ceramics. Also, detailed information about these tiles can be obtained from the Facebook page of Akij Ceramics.”

By using these braille tiles, Akij Ceramics and CarrotComm Ltd believe that every organisation willing be taking an active step and make lives easier for the visually impaired and will always strive to create an inclusive world for all.

Bringing light to lives of the blind

“We are living in an age of progress, as the world races through time to new horizons. And during these times, those who are challenged strive to make an impact despite the lack of infrastructural support they require. Bangladesh is also a part of this race, with a population of 167 million dreamers who aim to change the world with their positive impact. While many see the light at the end of the tunnel, around 800,000 blind people see nothing; yet they don’t fail to visualise their dream,” said the release.

“Disability is not a shackle to these differently abled, but an anchor weighing their sure but slow progress. They educate themselves using braille techniques, audiobooks, and self-development through various skill acquirement. There are many who travel by themselves, who navigate the busy streets of Dhaka, using public transportation for daily commutes. Their wish for independence is profound but poorly supported by the country’s basic infrastructure, which still needs to evolve to become an all-inclusive society. Bus-train stations, educational institutes, markets, and hospitals – basic necessities pose a navigational challenge to people who are visually impaired.

“These individuals seeking to change the world needed a way to navigate through their lives with ease and self-sufficiently, and so, to help them communicate with the world around them,” the release added.

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