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AHM Hasinul Quddus on Daraz’s Aim Towards a Sustainable Future

We are working toward the betterment of the people through numerous activities such as projects, events and partnership

What are the ongoing CSR activities from Daraz Cares?

Daraz Cares is a social concern of Daraz Bangladesh Limited. Since its establishment, Daraz Cares has focused on working toward the betterment of people through numerous activities such as projects, events, and partnerships. For example, Daraz Cares has recently donated one thousand reusable napkins to the gynaecology department of Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) and Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College and Hospital (ShSMC) on the occasion of Menstrual Hygiene Day. The project was conducted mainly to assist marginalized women who have limited access to such resources. Additionally, to achieve sustainable development objectives and long-lasting economic growth, Daraz cares joined hands with BD Recycle (BRTL) to encourage industries, businesses, and consumers to recycle and reduce waste in a more eco-friendly manner. These CSR initiatives will support a developing country like Bangladesh to transition toward a better, sustainable future.  

What are the motivating factors and mission of Daraz Cares? Can you justify their alignment with the SDGs and MDGs?

In short, Daraz Cares works for the people, society, and Bangladesh. It wants to build an inclusive society and wants to work to improve the overall quality of ­­life in the country. Daraz Cares primarily works to serve three particular areas– enlightenment, deliberation, and sustainability. It focuses on empowering people across these areas through education. Truly, education is the most crucial factor in gaining and spreading knowledge while adding value to people’s lives. Daraz Cares utilizes this power of education to ensure consistent growth for the country across all sectors. As for SDGs and MDGs, Daraz Cares is critical about meeting these goals through its actions. It understands the importance of protecting the planet, helping people, and ensuring overall prosperity for the entire nation. In fact, each project conducted by Daraz Cares is associated with the related goals so that we know exactly which goals are being targeted through that particular activity. Developing and delivering solutions to the goals, it is creating an overarching framework to shape and steer the country into a flourishing future.

What challenges are you facing while working in CSR in Bangladesh?

In recent years, Bangladesh has seen massive growth in CSR projects initiated by organizations, both public and private. These CSR projects range from charity work to environmental practices and workplace policies. However, despite the growing popularity of CSR in Bangladesh, Daraz Cares has faced some difficulties in conducting these projects. For instance, there are no proper legislative laws and rules for CSR activities. The lack of proper documentation and data creates massive obstacles in finding the right beneficiaries. We have also faced other challenges with a lack of information, training, and awareness among people, which affect the process of setting key CSR goals.

Additionally, tapping into the remote geographies of Bangladesh has become a growing challenge when we try to extend our CSR activities. Besides, in some cases, we have had to be extremely careful of the increased exposure to online vulnerabilities. Despite all these complex situations, Daraz Cares will continue to work persistently in the CSR sector to support the people of this country. Together, we will come up with solutions and tackle these challenges while carrying on the good work!

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