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Afser Nurul on How PRAN-RFL is Developing all Spectrum of Life

“Every organization needs to believe that they can
make change working together, and this mindset drives change.”
AFSER NURUL, Head of Corporate Brand, PRAN-RFL Group

What challenges do you face when working with CSR in the communities around Bangladesh?

It is important to have a proper outline of a plan and organisational discipline to combat the challenges companies sometimes face in terms of CSR. Our planning and distribution have been well thought out and executed, which makes the challenges of working with CSR easier.

How do you think other sectors can help companies create more effective changes in communities?

It is important to have support from all stakeholders of CSR activities. Especially from the government and non-profit organisations. We are very grateful to have received the necessary support from all our stakeholders, which is why we have had various successful CSR campaigns. In order to achieve the SDG Goals by 2030, the corporate sector needs to collaborate with government bodies. It is also important to have the right mindset to work to create an effective and sustainable change in the community. Every organisation needs to believe that they can make change working together, as it is this mindset that drives change.

What are your thoughts on the future of CSR in Bangladesh?

We really believe that there is a lot of potential for the CSR sector of Bangladesh. Organisations such as CSR Window helps this prospect further. With proper planning, guidance and support, there is no reason why we cannot hope for a brighter future for CSR. We just have to ensure that our activities are sustainable so that the marginalised communities can reap the benefits. The social issues that the communities are facing needs to be addressed and all the big companies should feel obliged to come forward with sustainable solutions as part of their CSR activities.

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